Scottish Meat Pies often called Mutton Pies by the Scots are a real favorite all over the world but especially in The UK, Australia, & Ireland. Mutton is the meat of a sheep that is 3 or more years of age. Older sheep that have well supplied their wool are a regular source of mutton.It’s usually quite tough to chew and has a rater gamey flavor so being ground, spiced, and made into savory pies became a very popular use of the meat. These pies were brought to the New World by the Scottish Immigrants and remain a favorite to today. Mutton is not readily available any longer, and has been replaced by lamb & beef.

I was 1st introduced to them in the late 1950’s through the early 1970’s in Northern New Jersey. There was a Scottish Pie Maker who locally popularized them for many years and ultimately later passed taking the recipe and business with him.

After testing a number of meat filling recipes on friends, relatives, and natives of the UK who offered me their pallets and pastry expertise, it was settled that these are about as close to what was offered years ago and still today across the pond.

We hope you enjoy them!

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